Who we are:

The Foundation (Paramos Fondas – as organized and registered under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania) is a private, Not-for-Profit undertaking.
Our Initiatives are developed and Grantees recognized regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin or political affiliation.   Our initiatives are created and targeted exclusively for the Human interest as expressed through our programs.


What we do:

  • Promote excellence in socio-cultural innovation that enhance quality of life whilst celebrating strengths of plurality and diversity
  • Advocacy of Human Rights
  • Asylee and Refugee Rights & Claims
  • Migration Policy development
  • Displaced Population – Integration | Counselling | Empowerment to Self-Sustainability
  • Human Trafficking
  • Education
  • Advocacy, Outreach and awareness campaigns
  • Promote and provide Conflict Prevention & Resolution services
  • Education development, opportunity and availability through scholarships and our undertaking with the Institute of International Relations (Geneva, Switzerland)


How we do it:

Our model of program development and operation includes Interaction with government, dignitaries and strategic alliances with collaterally engaged NGOs and Educational Institutions. We do so in order to achieve program implementation in minimal time and to insure effective use of valued resources.  Our resolve is to make a recognizable positive difference – one life at a time.

  • Self-Sustainability programs and initiatives for impacted displaced populations
  • Forums and Information Dissemination symposiums
  • Field deployments to reach populations at risk
  • Collaboration with government agencies and quasi government undertakings for the preservation of human life and dignity
  • Counselling services for children impacted by displacement, conflagration or human trafficking
  • Refugee and Asylee claim reviews in partnership with government
  • Education delivery to communities unable to obtain access to physical facilities of higher education – as undertaken with the Institute of International Relations