The Foundation is committed to providing post secondary education and training courses in the humanistic sciences that include:

Law, Trade and Commerce, Conflict Prevention, Cultural Diversity and Public Speaking .

The Institute of International Relations based in Geneva Switzerland is a Foundation supported platform. The Foundation education and training program interest are directly implemented through the Institute.

Our education and training programs as implemented through the Institute have deliverable capacity:

  • at the Institute’s facilities in Geneva
  • in partnership with higher education platforms (universities / colleges)
  • in collaboration with government and quasi government entities
  • through NET based transmission (WEBINAR)

Our partnering and webinar initiatives are specifically targeted for:

  • rural regions where it is challenging for the student for economic or family circumstances to relocate to a formal education facility BUT where technology is available to support the communication necessary for program delivery
  • to work in conjunction with colleges and universities by exporting our programs so that a Swiss based education diploma or degree can be conferred without the student leaving the facilities of their respective college or university.

For program participation please contact us at: or the Institute at