Conflict Prevention & Resolution

Dhanji Foundation: Conflict Prevention & ResolutionDisputes and Conflicts are and remain characteristics of humanity and society. Competing interests, failure to communicate, inability to eject emotions and the ego from contention are just some if not the substantive aspects from where disputes arise. How we as evolved members of society manage and dispel disputes is the recognition of being civilized. Conflicts persist and Aggression results in the absence of thought and communication.

The mediation process has taken hold in practice in several areas of commercial contention. The Foundations focus remains specifically in Conflict Resolution and Conflict Prevention in its applicability to Intra and Inter community disputes.

We provide the neutral platform devoid of bias to bring sides in conflict to a “win win” adjustment of their respective positions without any one side bearing the burden of loss or capitulation.

The Foundation platform provides for program development of what has commonly been called “Community Policing”. It is a process that creates a partnership interest between citizenry and law enforcement for the mutual benefit of public safety and mitigation of crime.

Communities in our world today are evolving more and more in assemblage of various characteristics that range in age, race, culture, creed, religion, economics and language to mention a few. This assemblage is the result of humankind that is in continuous migration. People move, have moved and will continue too.

There results from time to time based on various factors specific to each circumstance “friction” between socio-identifiable groups and regulatory enforces (generally Police / Law Enforcement) in a community. Each community has its own distinct identity and hence Conflict Prevention Programs are also developed with recognition of that uniqueness.

We welcome the opportunity of working with communities in need of Conflict Prevention Program development or enhancement.