Socio-Cultural Programs

Dhanji Foundation: Socio - Cultural ProgramsOur Initiatives in this arena is to create cross-cultural awareness through various undertakings that include the arts.

Our programs seek to celebrate plurality and diversity to enhance tolerance, respect and understanding.

In doing so we also support our programs in Conflict Prevention and Resolution.

The mission is to strengthen the Human Family.

Indo-Baltic Initiative (IBI)

IBI is an undertaking of the Foundation that creates a bridging of mutually exotic cultures  specific to the regions identified in the title of the Initiative.  To this end the IBI has undertaken:

  • shaan1Cultural Entertainment Exchange:    The Intention of the program is the reciprocal sharing and exposition of arts distinct to each culture with the other.  This includes dance, music and motion pictures.  The inceptive program is crate a regular exposition of Classics Bollywood movies in the Baltic with each premier commencing in Vilnius Lithuania.   The exchange program is to organize events in Indian entertainment capital of Bollywood (Mumbai) of traditional Baltic (Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian) dance and music.   (Shahrukh Khan with Shahrukh Dhanji.  c.2010)
  • Judaic Connectivity:  Establishing relations between two relatively small, interesting, rather ancient and exotic Jewish communities, in Lithuania and in India on both symbolic and practical grounds.  Leading to exchange in the respective socio-cultural history the development of literature, music and other forms of arts indigenous to each community within it geography of evolution.

shaan2Soloman Sofar (to the right of Shahrukh Dhanji (‘Shaan’) leader of the Indian Jewish Community.  Mumbai India – 2013) at the first meeting in October of 2013 when the idea of a collaborative exchange and connectivity initiative was proposed between the Judaic communities of India and the Baltics.



shaan3Algimantas Gurevicius (to the left of Shahrukh Dhanji (‘Shaan’) Director of the Jewish Information and Cultural Center – Vilnius, Lithuania) at the conclusion of the ceremony that formalized a strategic relationship between the Dhanji Foundation and the Jewish Culture and Information Center.   The Dhanji Foundation presented the Center with a recently translated book of Jewish Culture from the Russian to Lithuanian language at the ceremony.